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September 23

Presenting our new WSB 2016 International champions:

Crew Division

Kids Division - Platinum (Australia) 

Junior Division - Hellraizers (Australia) 

Young Guns Division - Empire Kidz (USA) 

Varsity Division - Checkmate (Australia) 

Open Division - FMD Xtreme (Philippines) 

Monster Crew Division - SoleFam (Australia)

Supreme Battles Division

Bboy 1v1 - Nocksie (Australia) 

HipHop 1v1 - Brooke Tulloch (Australia) 

Popping 1v1 - Keanu (Indonesia) 

Locking 1v1 - Lucksley Maravilla (Philippines) 

KRUMP 1v1 - Cage (Philippines) 

All Styles 2v2 - Keanu & Jaya (Indonesia) 

Hip Hop Choreography - Zac Skaf (Australia) 


March 16

The new online registration forms for Battlegrounds Australian qualifiers are up and ready.








Sept 30

Please be advised that WSB online bookings are currently suspended due to a targeted attack. Customers are encouraged to check their accounts, and those affected should immediately notify their card issuer - and send any details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further investigation. Bookings can be made securely by calling 1300 737 363 or directly through WSB 0420 307 753 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


by Marco Selorio  Sept 20 2015

The Filipinos are coming, and they're coming back in full force. The World Supremacy Battlegrounds championship has become a talking point for many dance crews around the world because Team Philippines BRINGS IT to this competition. No doubt about it.

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, PNG, Guam, India and the USA are up for the challenge. But be warned, Team Philippines is stacked and they are ready to do battle in ‪#‎WSB2015‬. They set the bar so high, it seems so unreachable.

Ever since XTATIC of Cagayan De Oro won WSB gold back in 2007, the Philippines has continued to send forth the best dance talents from their country. Amplified of Baguio City in 2009, Boyz Unlimited of Pangasinan in 2011-2012 and FMD Xtreme of Marikina City in 2013-2014 have bagged the hardest and most elusive title of them all, the International Open Division crown. Don't even mention the last two years because the Philippines have been sweeping gold, silver and bronze in every other category. A-Team, INDK, Pinoy Hip Hop, Flipendemic, The Rockstars, XB Gensan, Bacboyz. S-W-E-E-P. How the heck do they do it?

Every Filipino dance crew brings in their own flavour, they've worked hard for months on end perfecting every move. Blood, sweat and tears are squeezed on the cemented pavement - there is no time or money to hire a dance studio, the Filipino dancers keep it real. Their dance captures the whole essence of their crew and their respective cities. Dance is life, life is dance. Full stop.

If the best of the best Philippine crews are all able to make it to America, they will without a doubt smash their way to the top and claim gold. We've seen it before with the Allstars, The Crew, A-Team. Money and visas are always the issue for any third world country, and its always been a massive challenge for crews to raise enough money to live out their dreams.

Australia is a beautiful country. Four seasons. Beautiful beaches, beautiful people. It also happens to be just eight hours away from the Philippines. Since Cebu Pacific Airline has opened business Down Under, you can buy a return flight to Australia for as little as $199 round trip. Say what? Yes, that is a return ticket from MNL-SYD if you manage to buy a promo deal from Cebu Pac, and they do regular promos. Coming to Australia to live out your dreams is so much more affordable than traveling to the USA. By the way, Australia is also home to World Supremacy Battlegrounds. True story.

This year, the Philippines will once again represent at WSB to the fullest. They have set the benchmark, and they will continue to inspire other dancers. WSB is an amazing platform to showcase your creativity, and the Philippine crews take full advantage of their X-MEN ability to create, innovate and elevate. Their secret weapon? The Filipinos are all heart. Watch the top crews, and you will be mesmerised and find yourself wanting more.

The 2015 WSB Philippine National team are composed of:

1. FMD Xtreme (back-to-back defending champions) 
2. Boyz Unlimited (2011-2012 champs) 
3. Asian Pride (Luzon champs 2015)
4. Xtreme Dancers (Gatsby Japan champs)
5. A Nova Difino 
6. Pinoy Hip Hop 
7. Streetbuck 
8. Urban Myx (Mindanao champs 2015) 
9. Rookies 
10. Autonomicass Crew (Monster champs 2015) 
11. Recab (Monster)
12. UPeepz (Monster)

Some are ready to fly, others are waiting for visa approval. There is more to this competition that meets the eye, but rest assured, the Philippine crews are excited to meet all Australian and international competitors. Grab your seats and buckle up though, because as soon as the DJ spins Apl.D.Ap's "Bebot" song, it's game on. 
"Filipino, Filipino, Filipino...."



What would bring out someone's passion?  For dancers, its about being able to express yourself, dance for your crew and your family and be able to represent your country on a world stage. That is exactly what drives many dancers to work hard, put in the hours upon hours of blood, sweat and tears to deliver the best performance they can once their number is called. For many crews, hearing their name and their country before they hit the stage gives out goose pimples all over their bodies.  

For Team Philippines, a lot of expectation is placed upon representative teams that make it to WSB. The gold is a shoe-in, its expected for them to bring the gold back home to their country. Hence, the pride to deliver for the country is even greater. A chance to raise the flag as the Filipino dancers all sing and chant in unison is a sight to behold in any dance competition. 




World Supremacy Battlegrounds Festival 2014

October 3 – 4

Dallas Brooks Centre

300 Albert St East Melbourne VIC


Get set for the biggest international street dance festival in Australia as MAS brings you the all-ages event, World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB).

The hottest freestyle dancers, freshest b-boys, rising X-Factor music stars and most amazing beat boxers are going to rock the stage, featuring over 1,000 dancers and 150 dance crews from across eight countries.  Witness live performances by America’s Best Dance Crew superstar Dumbo (Poreotics), 2010 world champion Samantha Cahill (ReQuest Crew), Philippine Allstars choreographer Lil Pat and three-time world gold medalist Laurence Kaiwai.

In its tenth year, the World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB) Festival is jam-packed with cool celebrities, dynamic dance battles, electrifying musical performances and WSB's traditional Australian and international dance battles. It's a festival experience that makes it the ultimate family show for 2014.

For more information visit:



The Philippines, led by FMD XTREME, captured an unprecedented four gold medals at WSB 2013.

December 9 Sydney, NSW - The Philippines has once again showed their flair for hip hop dance by capturing an unprecedented four gold medals at the World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB) international championship at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre last Sunday.

Filipinos waived their flags proudly as Team Philippines secured their first title of the night by beating Australia in the Country vs. Country team battles. In the group choreography divisions, INDK, a 19-man team composed of Ateneo students, snatched the Monster Crew title. A-Team, composed of Claret high school students, won the Varsity Division title, while FMD Xtreme from Marikina secured the coveted Open Division title. Japan’s Hurricane bagged the Junior Division title to break the sweep.

In the Open Division, the Philippines emulated the same result last year as they blitzed through the top four spots to bag gold (FMD Xtreme), silver (Rockstars) and bronze (A-Team Open). Last year’s silver medalist, Flipendemic Kru, placed fourth overall. In the Monster Crew division, GUDC Project 13 from Davao City placed in the Top 5.

Gold-medal winning FMD Xtreme team leader Rizza Carganilla said, “To be honest we all struggled to get here, but we strived to raise money because we wanted to prove to our fellow dancers that anything is possible.”

Her dance crew received a standing ovation from the 2500-strong audience, and they dedicated their performance to the typhoon survivors.

Dance crews flew in from across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Guam, USA and the Philippines to compete in the annual WSB championship. Over 1000 dancers participated in the three-day street dance festival, which included international dance workshops, electrifying musical performances, beat box battles, Hoop Mania street ball exhibitions, 1-on-1 All styles dance battles and urban choreography competitions.

Global dance superstars Brian Puspos, KRUMP founder Tight Eyez, Japanese masters of locking Hilty & Bosch, Philippine Allstars choreographer Lil’ Pat, Malaysian SYTYCD star Dennis Yin and three-time World gold medalist Lance & Laurence from New Zealand formed the judging panel. Other prominent judges included ReQuest Crew member Samantha Cahill, Finland street dance pioneer Tricky Ricky, former Allstar Orwayne De Leon and WSB Head Judge Joel Gallarde from Triple8Funk NZ.

Now in its ninth year, the World Supremacy Battlegrounds festival will be moving to Melbourne in 2014 with the championship slated for October next year. Slam Magazine, Audio Technica, Hoopdreamz, Monster Energy Drink, Sydney Kings, Basketball NSW, HoopTime, Urban Empire, Custom Tees and Nesian Street Clothing proudly supported WSB.

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